Dream Big In Your Backyard

Need Help Designing A Backyard Space Where You Can Release Your Inner Wild Child?

With a backyard design consult, we can help you bring your dreams to life, so you can release your inner wild child in the space you have with the time you’ve got.

There is no such thing as a bad space, only bad design. Let us come in and help bring your vision to reality. From where to place a backyard garden to how to incorporate a chicken coop or fruit orchard, we can help you design the wild child space of your dreams.

* Note: If you already know that you want to add a backyard raised bed garden to your backyard space this season, choose the garden design option for a full season rendering of your future backyard garden space.

Details of Your Consultation

In this consult, we will walk your backyard space to create a vision for what you would like to create. Herbs outside the kitchen, salads in a courtyard, chickens under the live oaks, we can help!

After an overview of your space and hearing all of your dreams, we will help you determine placement of garden, coop, etc, and give you our recommendation of when and how to get started.

This consultation is a collaboration of minds, and we know that what we come up with together will be amazing. From here we can assist you in bringing this dream to life, but it all starts with a consult. This time to dream is so important (ask me how many times I moved entire gardens….on second thought, please don’t).


This backyard dream session costs $99.00 and lasts approximately an hour.