I Teach Gardeners To Grow Gorgeous Food In Any Space

3 Ways To Grow With Me


The Kitchen Garden Academy is the foundation of the wild child garden. This is where it all begins. Whether you are a new gardener or have been growing for years, this program will turn your garden dreams into harvests on your table. This is where your garden dreams come true.


If you garden in South Louisiana and want an online community where you will receive monthly teaching, weekly coaching, and the daily support that you need to harvest year round, this is where you want to be! This monthly membership program will help you grow as a gardener all season long.


Maximizing space and incorporating companion plants to grow a more efficient and beautiful vegetable garden is our speciality. Book a consult today and have a garden that reflects your personality, your dreams for your space, and your goals. And you will grow a garden that you love!

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Why You’ll Love Growing With Me

It’s simple…My Clients Get Results! The Kitchen Garden Academy is a program with proven results that will yield you an OVER PRODUCING kitchen garden that is just as beautiful as it is productive.

Here is why you should enroll right now.

  • Simple Process Of Organic Gardening
  • Easy To Implement In Any Space
  • Can Be Applied In Any Season or Climate
  • You Will Grow! And So Will Your Garden!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Never In My Wildest Dreams”

Being in the Wild Child Garden Club has given me the knowledge and support to bring food from the backyard to the kitchen.

Judy C.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“My Life Is Changed Forever”

I CAN DO THIS! Ten years of trying, and this is my first successful season. Thank you, not just for the incredible knowledge, but also for the hope.

Donna C.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Garden Is My Happy Place”

My wild child garden has provide so much more than vegetables. It is my peace. It is my retreat. It is truly my happy place.

Sandy C.



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