Wild Child Homeschoolers Homeschool Day 2019

One of my dreams when starting Wild Child Farms was to be able to inspire others to release their inner wild child and get out into nature and thrive. As a homeschool mom of over a decade, I am thrilled to offer NOT ONE BUT TWO Homeschool Days at Wild Child Farms this spring. Our first day sold out months in advance, and we do not take that lightly. We are so grateful for everyone who is coming to see us here at our little backyard farm on April 11, 2019. But, we had so many more requests to be put on a waiting list or a cancellation list that we had to add a second class. So, we have increased our capacity to 25, to make sure we have enough room for everyone on our waiting list plus some more, and we created a second Homeschool Day on April 12, 2019!! And we are thrilled!!

Nature Study has always been a huge part of our schooling at home, and now that my girls are beginning to chase their own dreams, I have had the joy of being able to share my love of nature with other children I love. To be able to extend the invitation to get out in the wild with more kiddos may just be the most fun thing ever to me!

I would love to have your “wild child” join me for Spring Homeschool Day on April 12th, right in my own backyard, in a very simple setting, and in an environment that is nurturing, and inspiring. The theme for this years Spring Homeschool Day is The Genetics of Easter Eggs. We will be learning about the biological process that allows different breeds of chickens to lay different colored eggs, how to predict egg color, and how to breed for egg color using the Punnett square. We will also gain understanding of some useful genetic terminology like genotype, phenotype, allele, and dominant and recessive traits. We will have chicks for the students to hold, eggs in the incubator that we will use to further our learning, and maybe even catch one hatching if we’re lucky.

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