Wild Child Soil Building

In this on demand class, learn how to improve your soil right now, in this season, even after you plant. This class is not to be missed. You will leave feeling confident in improving your season and ready to take your garden to the next level. This course is the heart of the Wild Child Kitchen Garden Academy and is perfect for the gardener who is already feeling frustration with their garden. Almost all troubleshooting leads to soil. Let us help you build a soil that grows amazing plants.

The Tomato Grower’s Playbook

In this one hour on-demand class get all the details on growing tomatoes. How to plant them, what are suckers, pinching flowers, the do’s and don’ts of pruning, great companions for them and so much more. And receive a pdf Tomato Grower’s Playbook workbook to keep and use season after season.

Growing Gardens Vertically

At Wild Child Kitchen Gardens we love to maximize space, and chances are, you have left some valuable growing square footage on the table in this season’s garden. In this one hour class, get several ideas for growing up. You probably have so much space available, and it’s not too late to put it to good use this season. When you see all the ideas shared in this class, you will be inspired to grow vertically in your existing garden, or in a pot on your patio. Wherever you choose, up is always where we want to grow! Come learn more in this class.

Growing Your Own Medicinal Herbs

Have you ever wanted to learn more about having a backyard medicine cabinet? In this class you will learn some wild child favorite herbs for medicinal purposes as well as some natives that are in season as well. Learn about lots of different herbs and how to use them in this live, one hour class (with on demand access after) on April 13th at 4:00pm. This class also includes a Growing Medicinal Herbs workbook download. You should talk with your doctor before trying any herb for medicinal purposes.

May Is For Growing Melons

The weather is warming, and it is time to grow melons. Learn how to grow summer melons the wild child way in this LIVE class on April 27th at 4:00pm and learn about some favorite varieties too that you can’t find in the nursery. Melons are a bit intimidating to some gardeners, but the shouldn’t be. They are easy to grow and so much fun. This class is perfectly timed to get you set up for summer with a melon patch addition to your garden. This class will also include a Growing Melons The Wild Child Way workbook that will help you design your melon patch and inspire you to grow more melons!

Hands Off Summer Gardening

What if you could grow a hands off summer garden that had fewer pests, less disease, and no weeds?? What if you could grow a summer garden made your fall garden even better? What if you could start fall planting with healthy soil, no weeds, no disease, and very few pests? This is what we want. Leaving your garden empty or dead in summer is the worst thing you can do for your garden in the fall. In this one hour LIVE workshop on May 7th at 7:00pm (on demand access after) I am going to tell you why and how to keep growing and harvesting in a summer garden that grows itself. You will also receive a Hands Off Summer Garden Guidebook to inspire you for a great summer.

Wild Child Spring Class All Access Pass

This all access pass gives you access to ALL classes in the spring schedule, ALL workbook downloads, and ALL content in the entire spring class schedule.

This pass is offered at a savings of $25.

Get the all access pass today and make sure you are growing your best garden this season.

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