Are You Ready??

Hi, I’m Kellye! I am the crazy plant lady of Wild Child Farms, and I am so glad that you are here! Telling Christmas goodbye is always bittersweet for me. I always try to remember that Christmas is not just a day or a season, but it can be a way of life and a posture of the heart that we never have to pack away. But, the holidays are behind us, and the tree is coming down, so it is time to get excited as we begin to prepare for the new year and new gardens!

Let’s Grow!

The first step is to book your virtual dream session. During our time together, we will dream together and discuss your goals and ideas for  the garden.  Whether you already have a garden, that you want to take to the next level, or are starting fresh, this time will inspire you to grow. (Use Code “CHRISTMAS” when booking to receive this consult for FREE)

After discussing your ideal growing space, your garden dreams will come to life in a digital design that includes  a key for all suggested plants,  substitution recommendations, a timeline to plant, and a shopping list to bring with you to the nursery. This design is easy to understand, implements the wild child philosophy and garden symphony model, and is gorgeous.

This course was developed from a module in the Kitchen Garden Academy, and it will teach you how to create soil that will allow plants to thrive and that only gets better over time.  While you are waiting on your garden design, you will prepare your soil! Soil is everything in a wild child kitchen garden, and this course will teach you to have the best. This course will be emailed to you separately.

There is so much more to come!! After your design is complete, you will have step by step guidance through the growing season to keep you on track and help your garden become the best it can be! You will also receive an invitation into the Wild Child Garden Club!! You will never have to garden alone again or wonder if your plants look the way they are supposed to or wonder why something isn’t growing right. We will be here to help you every step of the way!!

For now, let’s dream. It is the first step! So book your consult and let’s grow!

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