Wild Child Chicks

Our breeds consist of Marans, Ameraucanas, and Olive Eggers and are sold at a week old (available for pick up only). We breed our chickens for beautiful egg color, so you will have a variety of color in your basket, but we also only offer birds with a docile temperament. Our roosters will protect their ladies and eat out of your hand all in the same day. If their temperament doesn’t meet our standards that chicken will not parent our chicks. Unlike feed stores and hatcheries who sell their culls, we work very hard to send only the best of our breeds out into the world. We do not cull any of our chicks, instead, we keep them in our flock and work with them to improve their temperament. We will then include them in our family flock of layers.

This rainbow basket is a beautiful mix of Marans, Ameraucanas, Legbars, and Olive Eggers.

When you get chicks from Wild Child Farms you can be sure your chicks will be healthy, strong, and have a personality that we think is pretty amazing. Our chicks are never medicated or vaccinated as we believe that a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine. We are a small backyard farm, so we only hatch around 15-20 chicks at a time. Because of this, there can be up to a 3 week waiting period. But our chicks are totally worth the wait! Our chicks are $10 each and are available from February – October.

Our Breeds


I fell in love with French Marans after a hashtag search on instagram. Once I learned of this beautiful chocolate egg, I had to have them in our flock. I have been on a mission ever since to get the best egg color and temperament I can.

We hatched our first Marans, all from the Bev Davis line, and I fell in love. We ended up with blue and black copper and even a splash (which we have never hatched since). That was exciting! This started our French Marans project, which has been so fun. We have since added more Marans and have continued to improve our egg color and blood line. This season we are excited to offer both speckled and chocolate egg layers from our favorite breed. These hens will be either Blue or Black Copper.

* Our Marans are all sold as straight run and cannot be sexed at hatch.

French Black Copper Marans Male
French Black Copper Marans Female
French Marans Eggs


Our Ameraucanas are Blue, Black, and Splash and are beautiful. Ameraucanas lay a beautiful sky blue egg, have muffs on their face, and clean legs. The Ameraucanas we raise here are not Easter Eggers. These are true and pure and carry 2 blue egg genes, making it possible to guarantee a blue egg from every hen. Easter Eggers may lay blue eggs, but they only carry one blue egg gene, making it a gamble to get a blue egg from their offspring. Our Ameraucanas are pure and beautiful.

* Our Ameraucanas are sold as straight run and cannot be sexed at hatch.

Blue Ameraucana Male
Splash Ameraucana Female

Ameraucana Eggs


Our Olive Eggers are 1st and 2nd generation (F1-F2) and lay a gorgeous, rich, dark, olive egg. The eggs from our F1 ladies can be speckled or solid olive and vary in shade.

We include F2 Olive Eggers in our adult Instant Flocks, but we do not sell them as chicks. F2 Olive Eggers only have a 50% chance of laying a deep rich green egg, so we reserve them for our adult flocks and place them where their egg color is desired.

* Our Olive Eggers are sold as straight run and cannot be sexed at hatch.

Olive Egger Eggs