Wild Child Kitchen Gardening Podcast

The Wild Child Kitchen Gardening Podcast

The zone 9 gardener can grow and harvest year round. In the wild child garden, we harvest 52 weeks a year, there is no need for cover crops, never a time when we can’t plant something, and there is always room to add beauty.

Learn how to transform your garden into a wild child garden on the Wild Child Kitchen Gardening podcast.

Let’s dig in!


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Zone 9’s unique growing climate means you can grow 52 weeks a year – including in the hot and humid summer!


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Welcome to Season 2!!

Today I am answering your planting questions so you can grow a great garden this season.

Hi! I’m Kellye Jeansonne!

I have been gardening for most of my adult life and have done everything wrong at least once. Can you relate? I started Wild Child Kitchen Gardens so that you can skip the mistakes and go right to the successes. I have turned my mistakes into lessons for you, and I use my garden failures to teach busy women how to grow their own backyard vegetable gardens in whatever space they have and whatever time they’ve got.

Thank you for tuning in to my podcast. Here we will talk about all things gardening, and I will show you how to turn your garden into a wild child garden. I hope you are inspired to get your hands dirty with me!