Nature School – Insect or Pest??

INSECT OR PEST?? – AUGUST 16, 2019 – 9:00AM – 12:00PM (snack is included)

Is this a good bug, a bad bug, or not a bug at all? In our final class of the summer, we will learn all about the insects around us in our own backyards and determine the difference between a good bug and a pest. We will learn all about the class insecta and then go on a bug hunt for different species in this class, and maybe be surprised about how to tell if something is actually an insect or not. Finally, we will bring our findings back to our learning stations to properly identify what we have found, learn how to preserve insects properly, and then create a bug collection to display at home.

Homeschoolers, this would be great inspiration for a fall nature study on insects or for diving into biology to start off the year. Join us for our last class of the summer and gain a new understanding and maybe even love for bugs! This class is for a wild child who is 5 years old or older.

There are 11 spots left available in this class. This class is limited to 20 participants and is $20 per wild child.