Backyard Gardening With Kids

In this FREE E-book learn fun trick and tips to garden with little ones in tow. Garden chores that are age appropriate and other ways to get children excited about what you are growing are included.

Fruit Growing Essentials

This E-book contains all you need to know about growing my 5 favorite fruits for the southern backyard gardener. Strawberries, blueberries, citrus, figs, and muscadines, are all included as is how to prepare the soil, plant each fruit, pruning tricks, feeding recommendations, my favorite varieties, and common trouble spots. This e-book will be a go to resource for many years to come.

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Cool Season Planting Guide

This guide contains everything you need to create the backyard garden symphony of your dreams this season. It includes most cool season veggies, herbs, and flowers, how many plants to grow per person, when to plant in Zone 8 and 9, spacing preferences, favorite varieties, and days to harvest. This is garden gold!! Also you will learn how to grow all of the favorite cool season veggies, herbs, and flowers together this season!

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Learn how to grow these big impact vegetables in a container to keep them thriving year after year in any space. This course is on demand and can be accessed over and over to keep you up to date as you enjoy your artichokes for many seasons to come.

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Onions, garlic, leeks, and shallots!! Alliums are the easiest family of vegetables to grow!! I will show you how to grow them all and you will love them!

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Easy and fun and completely overlooked in southern gardens. Don’t miss your chance to grow tulips, daffodils, paper whites, and more!! As a bonus learn how to grow ranunculus, the peony of the south! It is easier than you think!

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