Kitchen Gardening For Beginners

Kitchen Gardening For Beginners

Learn how to create a beautiful and productive garden refuge right in your own backyard. I’m Kellye, a teacher and homeschool mom, with over a decade of experience in the garden. And, I can’t wait to show you how to create the symphony that is a garden by helping you see my three key elements of backyard gardening.

Using these three key instruments, the garden symphony will become a perfect harmony for you to enjoy. The garden will become a refuge right in your backyard. And whether you have room for one bed or have an acre to devote to vegetables, the garden will heal your body, your mind, and your soul.

What To Expect In This Course

In this course, you can expect to learn how to build raised beds, determine where to locate them in your yard, and discover your planting zone and growing season. Second, you will gain a tremendous understanding of the role of soil in the backyard garden. Soil is alive, and it is an entire world all of its own. Keeping it happy and healthy is the key to a successful garden. You will learn how focusing on the soil will in turn give you the most delicious vegetables all season long. Finally you will learn how to take your garden to the next level by incorporating the most beautiful note of the symphony….companion planting. This planting technique not only reduces pests, increases vegetable production and flavor, but will also give you a variety of flowers and herbs that will add beauty to your garden refuge that you will enjoy all season long. In addition to delicious veggies, you will also have access to aromatic herbs and beautiful flowers for picking and enjoying indoors! Finally, you will receive detailed garden plans, suggested varieties for planting, and instructions for how to space your plants in your garden beds. The garden truly is a symphony, and when the harmony is right it is one of the most satisfying elements of nature.

work at your own pace

This course is work at your own pace, broken down into 4 modules:

  • The Raised Bed Garden
  • Soil Building
  • Companion Planting
  • Get Growing

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The cost of this course is $79.00, and this four module course will change the way you view gardening forever!  By learning these key elements of a kitchen garden, you will open the door of opportunity to grow more veggies for your body, bring beauty into your space for your mind, and create a refuge for your soul.

Here is what others are saying about gardening the wild child way:

I have nothing but respect for your knowledge and guidance. My first harvest! I am cooking these for dinner tomorrow – stuffed Gypsy peppers! So thankful for this journey!

Cyndi Miller

Finally a juicy red one…I’ve got a gnarly mutant tomato with more fruit than leaves and stems to support them! Kellye was right when she told us to pluck off the early blooms for too small plants!

Megan Bendily