In the Wild Child Kitchen Garden Academy, you will learn how to grow a year round backyard kitchen garden in whatever space you have! I am going to take you to school, garden school that is, to help you learn how to build your backyard dream garden, grow your backyard dream garden, and harvest your backyard dream garden. That’s right! The academy will take you from planning to picking, and every step in between, all from the comfort of your home!

This online program will take you through every step of the garden experience and have you ready to plant for fall.

You will learn how to design your own kitchen garden, build your soil, plant the right plants at the right time, incorporate companions, grow a healthy garden the right way, and harvest all year long. This program can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, and you will be harvesting your favorite veggies shortly after. I am going to teach you all the tricks, show you all the ways we can bend the rules, and give you all the tools you need to be successful! And I would love to have you in the program!

3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Academy

#1 There Is Only One Reason Gardens Fail…..EDUCATION

You may think that you have a black thumb, that gardening isn’t for you, or that your time or space is keeping you from growing the garden of your dreams. The truth is that you just haven’t learned how to successfully grow a garden yet. But that all ends now! I will share with you the secret to a beautiful garden, and you won’t believe how much you will grow.

#2 Every Day That You Aren’t Growing Is A Day That You Aren’t Growing

So start right now! You can grow a backyard kitchen garden full of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, always have your hands in the dirt, and be bringing supper to the table every night. So why wait?? The time is now to get growing!

#3 Students of the Kitchen Garden Academy Will Be Invited Into The Wild Child Garden Club

We want you to dig in with the over 100 gardeners inside the Wild Child Garden Club, but we want you to be ready to grow with us so that you get the results that you want. Instead of overwhelming you with time sensitive learning to meet the deadlines of planting dates, you will learn how to garden like a wild child at your own pace, and then receive an invitation into the garden club to further your learning and take your garden to the next level WHEN YOU ARE READY!

Here’s What You Will Learn In The Academy

Soil building

How to Design & Build Your Garden

Grow Veggies Year Round In A Beautiful and Efficient Space. You don’t need hundreds of square feet or acres of rows, you just need rich soil and the right plants. When you garden like a wild child, you will get the most of every square inch of your space.

How To Build Exceptional Soil

The foundation of every successful garden is its soil. In the Wild Child Kitchen Garden Academy, you will learn how to bland your own soil for your specific needs and for the needs of what you want to grow. This method is 100% natural, all organic, and only gets better over time.

How To Create A Garden Plan

Knowing which plants are the right ones to plant at the right time is so important in the backyard garden. Learn how to get a garden plan that consists of intensive planting, succession planting, crop rotation, and how to exponentially increase the amount of veggies you harvest each week.

How To Grow The Wild Child Way

Once your garden plans are finalized, the growing begins. learn how to transplant your veggies, how to choose, install, and use a trellis, incorporate flowers and herbs into your backyard garden plans, and create a garden retreat that is a place you can heal your mind, body, and soul…while filling your belly.

How To Tend Through the Seasons

Learn how to keep your garden flourishing all season long by developing a feeding schedule and watering plan, and using organic pest control and amendments to keep your garden thriving. You will learn how to use a garden journal and see that tending the garden is half the fun.

How To Harvest All Year Long

You will be excited to know that the growing season never ends. There is always something to harvest in the wild child kitchen garden. Learn how to take full advantage become a pro at cooking from the yard. Garden to table will quickly become your favorite way to eat!

The Academy is the foundation of the wild child garden. It is a full season program designed to give you all the tools you need to be successful in the garden! While this program is designed to get your garden growing as quickly as possible, it is also work at your own pace. It’s your garden, and you’ll plant when you want to!

By investing in this program, you will have all the tools you need to build your garden, and you can begin learning right away. You can be growing in as little as 30 days with this program. THAT’S RIGHT! And this method of backyard gardening can be done in any space.

I have had the pleasure of helping clients design patio gardens, portable gardens, raised bed gardens, and so much more. My clients get the results they want! If you want a successful kitchen garden, there is no reason to not grow with me this season. Start the season off right with a kitchen garden that will give back to you for seasons to come. You will grow more than you ever could imagine. See what some of my clients say about their experience growing with me below.

  • 8 weekly modules taking you through an entire growing season
  • Weekly teaching videos to take your learning to the next level
  • Step by step instruction to help you create the garden of your dreams
  • Weekly coaching sessions that will answer the questions you have as you work through each module
  • Academy Workbook to help you put what you learn into practice
  • Garden Journal that you can download to help you stay on track to get the results you want.
  • An invitation to join the Wild Child Garden Club to further your learning