Grow Your Way To Healthy

Late summer afternoon harvest at Wild Child Farms

In our busy lives, we often reach for the easiest snack or the quickest meal. But what if convenience foods could be convenient because they are right outside your back door? What if what you ate could provide your body with sustaining nutrients, instead of clogging up your arteries, bogging down your brain, and causing inflammation throughout your body. That is exactly what Kellye Jeansonne and Michelle Eeg are going to show you how to achieve in this webinar. Grow Your Way To Healthy will take you through the basics of plant based nutrition, why you should be incorporating more greens in your diet, and how to grow vegetables in whatever space you have.

God’s creation is loaded with a rainbow of vegetables and fruit that are powerhouses of nutrition, natural healers, immune boosters, hormone balancers, and mental clarifiers And they can all be grown right in your own backyard. We will show you not just WHY but also HOW! And don’t worry, this is no science lesson. No big words or complicated explanations. This is a coffee date with two moms who have decades of experience growing their way to healthy. Now, we want to show you how too!

Kellye Jeansonne

Founder of Wild Child Farms

After experiencing a health crash in 2009, Kellye began to slow down, raise a flock of chickens, and grow a vegetable garden. She found healing in God’s creation, and now she is passionate about helping others do the same thing right where they are.

Michelle Eeg

Certified Plant Based Nutritionist and Creator of Heal Yourself Baby

Born and raised in New Orleans, Michelle couldn’t imagine walking away from cajun food, so she began healing herself by creating plant based cajun meals that are better than she could imagine. Now she helps others heal themselves through nutrition education, yoga instruction, and mentorship.

This is A Webinar You Don’t Want To Miss! Join us for a ONE TIME ONLY conversation THIS FRIDAY at 4:00pm. There will be lots of ideas for you to take action on immediately and plenty of inspiration. If you can’t make the webinar LIVE, that is okay. You will have access to the replay for the whole weekend. Get cozy. Pour yourself a cup of something warm. Now is the perfect time to grow your way to healthy right in your own backyard.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat today!

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