beautiful food

We grow vegetables year round in our backyard garden in South Louisiana. But we don’t grow just any vegetables. We want overproducing, gorgeous vegetables that are a feast not just for the body the body, but also for the eyes and the soul. That is why we plant red Brussels sprouts, atomic grape tomatoes, rainbow chard, and purple cauliflower. Food tastes better when it is beautiful. Grow like a wild child this season.

beautiful eggs

Having a flock of backyard chickens is fun. Having a flock of backyard chickens that have docile temperaments and lay gorgeous eggs in a variety of colors is amazing. We raise our flock here with 3 roosters and approximately 30 hens. We love helping other families take chicken keeping to the next level by introducing our favorite breeds, French Marans, Ameraucana, and Olive Egger, into their backyard flock.

beautiful life

Nature is a healer. When we step outside and get our hands in the soil, our bodies respond. I know this first hand, and I want you to know it too. No matter how big or small your space, there is always a way that you can release your inner wild child. I have been learning this myself, the hard way, for over a decade. Now, I want to share my love for God’s creation with you. Join me and release your inner wild child to heal your soul.

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