Wild Child Kitchen Gardens

If you are excited about starting your backyard kitchen garden, but need help achieving the success you are dreaming of, we are thrilled to offer several options for you.

Wild Child kitchen gardens are unlike any other backyard garden I know of. By focusing on the backyard garden symphony, your garden will not only be a feast for your belly, but also for your eyes, your mind, and your soul. The backyard garden symphony includes three things: 1) raised beds, 2) nutrient rich soil, and 3) companion plants. And you are the conductor. So let’s dig in!!

Here are some ways we can help you achieve your goals in your backyard garden.

Wild Child Garden Design

Helping people bring a beautiful kitchen garden to their backyard space has quickly become one of my favorite ways to serve our clients. This custom plan starts with a 60 minute consultation in your backyard garden space where we will focus on your goals and how incorporating the backyard garden symphony can help you achieve the beauty and harvests of a wild child kitchen garden. From there, I will create a custom design for your space and offer options to help you make your garden dreams come true.

At this time all design consults are reserved for DIY clients only. We are not taking turnkey installations at this time, as we are booked for the spring and summer season. But if you want to get your hands dirty, we would love to help you bring your wild child garden dreams to life.

Wild Child Garden Coaching

Wild Child Garden Coaching is for the backyard southern gardener (Zones 8-9) at any stage of the garden process who has questions that need answering. We offer two coaching options to meet the needs of our clients, and the process is simple. We schedule a time to talk (or video chat), or I will meet you in your garden, and we will work through trouble spots or help you create a plan to get your growing right away in your existing garden.

Wild Child Garden Plans

Our garden plans are created by following the idea of the backyard garden symphony. They are created for raised beds, with nutrient rich soil and include companion plants for the current growing season. The vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are suggested in these plans grow well together, are beautiful together, and will give you a season of enjoyment in your backyard kitchen garden. And the best part is that these plans are so simple to implement. You just “print and plant.”

Wild Child Kitchen Garden Academy

In the Academy, our quarterly gardening instruction program, you will learn how to grow a year round backyard kitchen garden in whatever space you have! I am going to take you to school, garden school that is, to help you learn how to build your backyard dream garden, grow your backyard dream garden, and harvest your backyard dream garden. That’s right! The academy will take you from planning to picking, and every step in between. And all of your learning is at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home! This virtual garden academy is perfect for the backyard gardener who wants to do the work herself but wants to do it right the first time! You will have the tools to create a beautiful backyard garden symphony and grow like a wild child after this 8 module course.