Decorating from the yard using the fresh + fake + fun method will bring you comfort and joy this holiday season. And it is so easy and will heal your soul.

I learned how to decorate from my yard several years ago, completely by accident, but let me tell you, I have never looked back.  It is so easy and so fun, and I am going to show you exactly how to do it today.

If you aren’t bringing the outdoors in, you must try it!! I know you will love it.

Step One:

Start by shopping the yard.  Just go on a nature hunt and see what you can find.  You would be surprised at how much is out there!  It will inspire you and get you in the decorating spirit!

Sounds crazy but by the road, along the fences, and wood lines are JACKPOT!! Start there! Then venture around the rest of the yard to see what you can find. Here this stiff, branchy shrub is growing at my neighbors. I don’t think they will miss a few branches do you?? Think texture and shades. We want all the greens!! These are coming with me.

Pro Tip: Some favorite branches to grab are ligustrum, citrus, elaeagnus (pictured), boxwood, and magnolia.

Remember the stiffer the branch the longer they will hold up, but too stiff (like oak) and they won’t lay properly.

While you are quarantining your branches, weeds, wildflowers, and anything else you can find outside, come in and set the table. This helps you to see how much room you truly have.

It also sets the vibe. Choose a table runner and fun, festive plates to add to the character of the table.

Pro Tip: You definitely don’t have to use table runners for table runners. Burlap, random fabric, and even wrapping paper all work great. You do want layers though, so find something.

Now lay down the base with the fresh goods you gathered. Here I have ligustrum, magnolia, and boxwood. More can be added later, but I like to get my base started.

Pro Tip: Lay the flat branches first. And let the cut ends meet in the middle. You don’t want to have cut ends where they are visible, so just let them all meet in the middle and then cover them with your fake and fun.

You can see here that my base was a table runner, then a piece of fabric laid on top. But check out my wrapping paper tablecloth. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Best decision ever.

I also added some dehydrated satsumas to this table. They take a table from zero to festive instantly. Don’t leave them out.

Pro Tip: Lay all branches flat and avoid anything tall. It makes it hard to chat across the table.

Here Are Some More Fresh + Fake + Fun Tables