Herbs: The Powerhouse of the Vegetable Garden

Welcome Back! In this episode of Wild Child Kitchen Gardening Podcast, we are digging into Herbs! Herbs are so easy to grow, they are over producers, and absolutely beautiful. Not to mention they are SO good for your vegetable gardens. On this episode I am going to share some of my favorites to grow, my favorite ways to use them, and some tips and tricks along the way!

1:00 – Herbs are POWERHOUSES in the garden – deterring pests, attracting pollinators, and suppressing weeds.

3:11 – Choosing the right herbs for your space and needs.

7:08 – Kellye’s favorite herbs to grow!

12:05 – Kellye shares a favorite Summer mocktail and intros her class for Grow Your Own Medicinal Herbs

13:50 – Kellye shares how to dry and store herbs for year-round uses.

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Using herbs all year round is easy to accomplish once you know how to dry them the Wild Child Way – learn how here

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