Transitioning From A Spring To A Summer Garden

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we discuss Transitioning from a Spring to A Summer Garden! You might be wondering how we are already discussing Summer Gardens, but a June 1 Garden is drastically different from a June 30 Garden, so we need to prepare now! She also talks about her FREE Summer Garden Masterclass!

3:41 – Kellye talks about why your soil is the key component to keeping your garden in tip top shape and breaks down how to get the best results.

8:30 – Kellye discusses how to read your plants for the best time to pull the plants that are no longer producing.

11:02 – Kellye talks about replacing the plants before you think you want to, but how it is a necessity to living seasonally.  

12:05– Kellye introduces her FREE Summer Masterclass!

14:04 – Kellye discusses how important it is to test your soil to determine what nutrients are left and what needs to be supplemented to continue a bountiful harvest.

15:40 – The Summer Academy class is open! Don’t miss the do-over season and learn all about growing a Wild Child Kitchen Garden!  

17:12 – Kellye breaks down crop rotation and when and where you may need it.

18:50 – Document your garden, what you are putting in and what you are taking out, it is the key to growing a super Autumn Garden!

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