Easy Things To Enjoy In The Garden

April 2, 2022

Easy Things To Enjoy In The Garden

Spring has sprung, and we are itching to get out in the garden. Lucky for us, there is plenty to do. But if you find yourself lacking inspiration for garden fun, this post is for you.

Here are some fun ways to get out in the garden that require very few supplies and just a little prep. I know that the garden is magic, and I am convinced that when you release your inner wild child, you will heal your soul. So try one of these ideas this weekend! You will be so glad you did!

Plant Some Snap Beans

Green beans are actually my least favorite snap beans to grow. I actually prefer purple, French ‘Burre de Rocquencourt’, and the beautiful, speckled ‘Dragon’s Tongue’ in the picture. Beans have come a long way, but their ease of growing hasn’t changed a bit.

Direct sow a packet of bush snap beans 4” apart, and in 45 days get to harvesting. It is really that simple. They aren’t finicky, they don’t have much pest pressure at all, and they are over producers. Try these out. I promise you won’t be sorry!!

Harvest Your Winter Herbs

In a very short time your cold season herbs like cilantro, dill, and parsley will start to flower and no longer be edible. Harvest them before it gets to that point and share them with friends and family. Herb bundles are one of my favorite ways to share herbs, but you could also dry them and share them that way too!

Drying herbs like a wild child is easy, and it doesn’t take long at all. I teach you how to preserve herbs in THIS blog post. Check it out and start drying what is left behind in the garden before they start flowering.

Plant Summer Flowers

There really isn’t a flower easier to grow and more loved by the pollinators than zinnia. It is a crowd favorite here, both with the humans and the insects. So plant some seeds now and wait for the show! Sowing flower seeds is easy. Just sprinkle them and lightly cover with soil. They will grow all the way until frost for you, and you will have plenty to cut and bring inside or to share. Some other great flower seeds to plant are sunflower, calendula, cosmos, and borage. So beautiful. And so easy to grow. Just remember to keep cutting so they keep growing.

Gardening on the rare weekends that we enjoy temperatures in the 70s is not something I take for granted. If anyone is looking for me, I will be in the garden.