Wild Child Garden Design

If you are excited about the possibility of a wild child backyard kitchen garden, and want to maximize the space you already have, I can help! I have been helping people grow gardens for over a decade, and now I am excited to bring the wild child way of gardening to your space to help you achieve a garden symphony that only gets better season after season.


My Clients Get The Results They Want

Whether your space is a small patio or an estate sized lot, whether you dream of formal design or a whimsical garden we can design a space for you that will bring you joy and lots of veggies for many years to come. How do we do it? We focus on feeding the soil, instead of fertilizing the plants, so the garden is more productive, has less pests, and sees fewer diseases than when using traditional growing methods. The garden symphony of raised beds, nutrient rich soil, and companion planting is what we believe is the most efficient and most productive, not to mention healthiest, way to grow your own food. And a wild child garden just gets better over time.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t! And I want to teach this simple method to you, so that you can grow more than you ever believed possible!


The first step to bring your kitchen garden dreams come true is to schedule a consult in your future garden space. If you are in the greater Baton Rouge area we’ll schedule a time to visit your landscape in person. We are also happy to meet with you via FaceTime or ZOOM if you are out of town. Wild Child Garden Designs are $349.00 and include so much goodness. Keep reading!!


The garden design process begins with a consult in your garden space. It will begin with a tour through your current space, where we will focus on your goals and dreams and determine how we can make them all come true. Dreaming is always how the wild child kitchen garden begins. I will give you a brief introduction to our best practices in setting up a thriving kitchen garden using the three key elements of a wild child kitchen garden symphony 1) raised beds, 2) soil building, and 3) companion planting.


After your consult, we’ll prepare a plan of your kitchen garden design including all vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant for the season. These plans will be emailed to you in a digital download and include a blue print for your garden space, planting recommendations and spacing requirements, a shopping list for your trip to the nursery, and a vision board (with linked products) of how to make your garden come alive. This design is a great starting point for to making your kitchen garden dreams come true.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! What kind of coach would I be if I gave you the beautiful vision, but I didn’t tell you how to get there? You will be set up for success through our proven program, the Kitchen Garden Academy. This work at your own pace program will show you exactly how to take your garden dream and turn it into harvests on your kitchen table…and everything in between! From how to feed your garden, anticipating pests, preventing disease, and knowing when to pick, it is all here for you!! This method is fool proof, and it proves itself over and over again and season after season. MY CLIENTS GET RESULTS!


Any questions you have will get answered. Any problems you run across, I will be there to help. And I will be available to you for any coaching you may need. A follow up video chat will be set for approximately 2 weeks after your garden is planted as a check in to see how your garden is growing. Recommendations will be made during that follow up visit to further your success You will have all the tools necessary to build your dream garden space.

Our gardens are not typical gardens! They reflect your personality and what you want to grow. No two wild child gardens are the same! When you garden like a wild child, there is no limit to the beauty your garden can provide!

The first step to creating your backyard garden symphony is to schedule a garden design consult. You can do that by clicking the button below. Every day you aren’t growing is a day you aren’t growing, so book your consult today and let’s dig in!

If you have any questions about these services, please reach out by clicking the contact us tab in the menu at the top of the page. If you want to grow all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and flowers this season, now is the time to get your garden growing!! It all starts with a consult!!