Christmas Crafting the Wild Child Way

Tis the season for Christmas crafting, and at Wild Child Farms, we are going to be crafting with God’s amazing creation that we find all around us.

On Monday, December 16th, I am breaking out all the craft supplies. You know, the pine cones, dehydrated oranges, holly berries, twigs, salt dough, chicken feathers, and yarn. If that doesn’t sound like Christmas decorations to you, look at some of the amazing crafts I have planned.

If you will pack your wild child a lunch, I will provide all the supplies needed for an amazing craft day and a cup (or two or three) of hot chocolate. I will also be doing three read alouds over the course of the day that go with the crafts we are making! Your wild child will make crafts to share with the chickens and other birds, some to bring home and share with you, and some to share with a local family in need of decorations for their own tree. They will also make some amazing Christmas memories, helping decorate the chicken coop for the holiday season, holding and naming the baby chicks, gathering the eggs, picnicking for lunch, and, of course, hearing the Christmas story. So tell your friends, and you take the day off, go shopping, or just relax. I promise your wild child will enjoy the time so much!

When: Monday December 16th

What time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Wild Child Farms (20768 Tucker Road, Zachary, LA)

For Who: Any wild child, ages 6 and up.

Price: $40 per crafter

All supplies for crafts will be provided. Please pack your wild child a lunch, and be ready for plenty of stories at the end of the day! Now, bring the kiddos crafting at Wild Child Farms!!

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