Wild Child Garden Consults

Look At The Garden Above…What Do You See?

Could you identify the pieces and parts that makeup the whole? Do you see veggies that need to be thinned, or veggies that need to be picked?

Sometimes as a new or frustrated gardener, you need help getting the most out of your garden each season. With a personalized wild child garden consult, you will maximize the space you have to increase your harvest and get the results you want.


My clients get the results they want. Here is what one said after her consult in the middle of October. Yeah, you can start your garden in the middle of October!!

So…you came to my farm October 28th. I cleared the jungle on the 29th. I planted on October 30th. On November 29, 30, and December 1st we had amazing SALADS for dinner from our garden, that fed eight people that eat a LOT. We used four different types of lettuces each night (and I forgot to label them so I don’t know what kind, but who cares – they were DELISH!) and we also used lots of cilantro from the garden. We hard boiled our eggs, my husband smoked some chicken, and we all kept talking about how amazing our salads were. I used to just buy Romaine from Whole Foods. How boring! My life is changed forever! I *CAN* do this! Ten years of trying, off and on, and this is my only truly successful season. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Not for just the incredible knowledge and wisdom you passed onto me (and continue to) but for the HOPE you gave me! I had given up and was just so mad at myself for all my failures. And then you came along! ❤️ You’re the best!


Whether your space is a small patio or an estate sized lot, whether you dream of formal designs or whimsical garden spaces I can help you design and grow a garden that will bring you joy and lots of veggies for many years to come.

We will focus on the garden that YOU want, your garden personality, and your garden goals. And the wild child garden symphony of raised beds, nutrient rich soil, and companion planting will give you the most efficient and most productive, not to mention healthiest, garden you’ve ever grown.



This 30 minute virtual consult via ZOOM is perfect for the gardener who would like guidance on her garden from a big picture view point. During our time together I will help you see the potential in your space that you may not yet see. You will get the answers to the questions you have about your garden and better understand how to garden like a wild child for better results.



This 60 minute consult takes place in your garden where we will tour your space to make sure you are making the best use of every inch you have. You will receive everything in the “virtual” consult + a walk through of your garden space to determine how you can grow more. In this option, you will receive guidance for your trouble spots and be inspired to grow more in the space you already have.



In our 60 minutes together, you will receive everything that comes with an “in the garden” consult + a digital design for your new or existing space! Your soil will be tested (if applicable) to determine exactly what it needs to thrive, and you will receive the Wild Child Soil Building course to help you understand the importance of your soil health. Turn key gardens will be offered in March.



A WILD CHILD GARDEN IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER GARDEN. Whether you are tired of an underperforming garden, or you are starting brand new and want to do it right the first time, this experience will give you the confidence to grow! And it will get you off to a great start this garden season.

If you have any questions about these services, please reach out by clicking below to inquire about booking. If you want to grow all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and flowers this season, now is the time to get your garden going!!

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