Beginner and Advanced Chicken Keeping Classes

Beginner and Advanced Chicken Keeping Classes

We are all feeling the pressures of food insecurity right now and being able to raise and work with your own birds is a physical, mental and emotional comfort. We are at a turning point in our world, our nation, and our homes. We have the ability right now to begin to think differently about our day to day lives and food choices. Join us and learn why chickens are so great for a backyard wild child.

Online Chicken Keeping Classes

If you want to add chickens to your backyard but don’t know where to begin, these classes are for you! After raising and breeding chickens for over a decade, Kellye Jeansonne of Wild Child Farms, is going to share with you all that she knows. Chicken keeping has played a huge part in her journey of healing her body, mind, and spirit, and if you don’t know Kellye’s story, you can read it here. Then reserve your seat, just in time to add spring chicks to your family’s flock. The link to our online classes will be sent directly to attendees through email. After watching the online course at your own pace, schedule a live video conference “chicken coaching” call at a time that is convenient for you! I can’t wait to help you work through any questions you may have.

See below for full descriptions of each class. 

Beginning Chicken Keeping Class

You will learn All about:

  • EGGS – Store bought vs. pasture raised, what do all the labels mean, how do you get colored eggs, the role eggs play in your every day health, and how to store them.
  • BREEDS – Overview of several different breeds of chickens, our favorite breeds, and how to choose the right breeds for your backyard flock.
  • CHICKS – Purchasing, brooding, feeding, and socializing chicks.
  • ROOSTERS – Do you need one? Do you want one? How to choose the right one.
  • COOP -How to build a predator proof coop, keep your chickens comfortable, choose bedding for your coop, and keep your coop clean.
  • FEEDING AND WATERING – Several options for equipment, how to choose feed, where to get it, and how to store it.
  • BEHAVIOR – What is normal. What is not.
  • CHICKEN TEMPERAMENT – How to relate to your flock daily and the interactions that will set you up for success with a flock you love and that loves you back.

Advanced Chicken Keeping Class

you will learn all about:

  • BREEDING AND INCUBATION – Review of incubators (and we will tell you our favorite), proper technique, temperature and humidity, using a broody hen vs an incubator, selecting eggs to incubate, testing fertility, candling.
  • GENETICS – Egg color genetics and how to create your own breed .
  • HEALTHY FLOCK HABITS – Holistic health management of your flock.
  • SICKNESS AND DISEASE – Signs and symptoms of sickness, overview of various common illnesses, how to treat them and keep them at bay.
  • FIRST AID KIT – What to keep in your home veterinary kit, so when sickness strikes you are prepared.

Class Costs and Discounts

The cost for each online course is now only $24. If you are interested in participating in both classes the cost is only $40, a savings of $8.