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Growing Strawberries in the Wild Child Garden

Strawberries are so much fun and will give your family memories for years.  Strawberries are perennials in South Louisiana, so plant them this year for a good harvest.  And leave them in the garden for great harvests in the following years.  Strawberries can be left in the garden for up to 4 or 5 yearsContinue reading “Growing Strawberries in the Wild Child Garden”

Succession Planting: The Heart of the Garden Symphony

Soil is the foundation of the garden symphony, a good plan is the cornerstone, and succession planting is the heart. The benefits of creating an environment where plants can thrive are multiplied exponentially with succession planting. A well laid plan and nutrient rich soil allow us to have a garden that never stops producing. YearContinue reading “Succession Planting: The Heart of the Garden Symphony”