The Eat and Share Garden

This garden plan includes plans for three 4′ x 8′ raised beds, but can be adapted to different sizes. This plan adds an additional bed to the The Classic Garden plan, to add more of your favorite warm veggies, so you will have plenty to eat….and plenty to share!! There are also lots of herbs that make great companions to these vegetables, and beautiful flowers to enjoy all season. There are also distinctions between which plants should be transplanted as plants and which prefer to be seeded directly into the garden. These vegetables are easy to grow and yield a large harvest for the space they require. This garden plan also includes one trellis for cucumbers.

These plans are a great way to grow a backyard garden with with plenty to eat and share this season. If you are ready to expand your kitchen gardening production, this plan is perfect for you.

Included In This Plan:

  • 40 vegetables, including nine varieties
  • 14 herbs, including six varieties
  • 4 flowers varieties
  • plant list with instructions (including spacing and when to choose seed or transplant)
This sample plan shows how many vegetables, herbs, and flowers you can grow in just one bed when you understand the backyard garden symphony. Purchased plans will show actual plants. This plan is just a sample.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a download of your plans immediately. You will also receive them via email. I will also send you my backyard garden symphony series to help you build your beds, amend your soil, and begin planting as my gift to you. Once you understand the backyard garden symphony, you will never look at gardening the same again. It is truly a feast for the body, the mind, and the soul.

The Eat and Share Garden Plan $79.00 $55.99

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