The Cabbage Garden

This garden plan is perfect for the gardener who is excited about growing cabbage this season, but may need a little help with the planning side of things to get the most of out the space. This plan incorporates cabbage and plenty of companions to grow along with it! There are also favorite cool season herbs included as well. There are distinctions between which plants should be transplanted as plants and which prefer to be seeded directly into the garden. These vegetables are easy to grow and yield a large harvest for the space they require. All plans are based on the standard garden bed size of 4′ x 8′. If you would like to have a custom bed designed specifically for your space, click here for a wild child garden consultation and garden plan drawn just for you.

Wild Child “Print and Plant” garden plans are a great way to begin your backyard garden journey with confidence. If you are ready to begin gardening like a wild child, this plan is perfect for you.

This sample plan shows how many vegetables, herbs, and flowers you can grow in just one bed when you understand the backyard garden symphony. Purchased plans will show actual plants. This plan is just a sample.

Once your purchase is complete, you will be re-directed to a download of your plans immediately, so you can print and plant today! Once you garden like a wild child, you will see gardening completely different. It is truly a feast for the body, the mind, and the soul.

Cabbage Garden Plan – $29.99

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