Spring Nature School Class


We are so excited to offer a fun time of learning genetics through the chickens we raise. We will learn about the biological process that allows different breeds of chickens to lay different colored eggs, see how to predict egg color, and how to breed for egg color using the Punnett square. We will also gain understanding of some useful genetic terminology like genotype, phenotype, allele, and dominant and recessive traits. We will have chicks for the students to hold, eggs in the incubator that we will use to further our learning, and maybe even catch one hatching if we’re lucky. We will meet a few of the chickens, and find out once and for all “What came first…the chicken or the egg?”

This class is intended for students ages 8 and up, but younger siblings are welcome to join in. Our Nature School classes are unlike anything else in our community and are designed to be a step back in time, like going to grandma’s house with your favorite cousins. Our classes are slow and simple and are designed to be welcoming and comforting to all who join us.

We are bringing all of the fun from this class to a fun, online platform, so we can meet with as many wild ones who want to join in on the fun right on our Wild Child Farms Facebook page. We want to give your kiddos some Easter fun while they learn all kinds of science in the process! Your kiddos will never look at genetics the same again! The only thing your wild child will need will be a sheet of paper and pencil to make his own punnet square to use during the class. All you need to do is follow Wild Child Farms on Facebook and turn on your notifications for our page, so that you can see when the class starts on April 15th at 10:00am!!

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