Olive Eggers

Our first generation Olive Eggers are generating lots of excitement in our backyard! We can’t wait to see the beautiful eggs the girls lay. Our Olive Eggers are a cross between our French Black Copper Marans rooster, Johnny Cash, and our Ameraucana ladies, Rosalita and Isabella. Because these are first generation chicks, we are selling them at a discount, so it is a great time to add some to your flock. They are like little mysteries. And while you never know what color egg you may get, I have never met a green egg I didn’t like. These chicks are a great way to add color to your egg basket!

F1 Olive Egger Chicks

  • $10.00 Each
  • All chicks are sold as straight run.
  • There is a 3 chick minimum per order, but breeds can be mixed.

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