French Marans

This breed of chicken is best known for their dark brown eggs. The Marans chicken lays the darkest egg of all chicken breeds. Marans also make great foragers as they scratch lightly and are not destructive to flower beds or other garden settings. This breed also stands confinement well. We have two lines of Marans in our flock. One is from the Mari Krebs line and were originally purchased from Field of Blessings Farm in Abita Springs, LA. Johnny Cash, our resident rooster is from this line as is his lady Miss June Carter Cash, and their third wheel, Miss Dolly our Splash Marans. Our second line is from Gold Feather Farms in Folsom, LA, and are of the Greenfire line. The Greenfire line is believed to be the most pure and true line in existence today in America. We are so proud to have both of these fabulous lines of Marans in our flock. We raise three colors of Marans chickens – Black Copper, Blue Copper, and Splash, but at this time we are only offering our French Black Copper chicks for sale. If you are looking for a darker egg in your basket, this is a great chicken to have in your flock. They are an amazing breed!

French Black Copper Marans

  • $10.00 each
  • Our chicks are sold as straight run. Extras are always included.
  • We have a 3 chick minimum for any order. Chick breeds can be mixed.
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