Easter Eggers

Some of the most beautiful chicks we have had the pleasure of hatching have been these little Easter Egger darlings. Easter Eggers carry blue, green, brown, and even pink color genes, so you never know what color may be expressed in their eggs, but all of our Easter Eggers lay blue and green. Because you can’t be certain of the color you will get, they are a bit of a gamble, but it has always paid off for us. We enjoy these precious chicks so much. All of our Easter Eggers have muffs and all but one has a beard, so those traits will have a high success rate of being passed down. We are working on expanding our feather color in 2020, but as of now all of our Easter Eggers have a partridge feather pattern.

Easter Egger Chicks

  • $5.00 Each
  • All chicks are sold straight run.
  • There is a 3 chick minimum for all orders, but breeds can be mixed.
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