The Instant Flock Experience

Would you love to collect a rainbow of eggs every day, starting right now? One of our favorite things to do at Wild Child Farms is inspire others to release their inner wild child by helping them choose a flock of backyard chickens. What we have found is many people would love to have a small backyard flock but don’t really want to raise them from chicks. Instead, they would like to know what they are getting and what the egg color will be, before they ever decide on the commitment of chicken keeping. With so many requests for this option, we have decided to add the “Instant Flock Experience” to our 2021 offerings.

What Does the Wild Child Instant Flock Experience Include?

For your Instant Flock, you will come out to Wild Child Farms to meet with Kellye to determine the best breeds, set up, and size of the flock to best meet your goals. She will introduce you to some of her favorite breeds for egg color and temperament, as well as some that you may not have thought of before that will make a beautiful flock for your backyard.

We will discuss roosters, the pros and cons of owning them, and whether or not they are something that you would like to have in your flock.

Kellye will walk you through the entire chicken raising process, from food choice to roosting arrangements to egg collecting and optimum health, so that your family can have the most enjoyable chicken raising experience.

Finally, if you need help choosing a coop or designing one to be built, we can help with that too. Already have a coop? We can set you up with an appropriate number of chickens for the coop you already have.

This option is great for a family who would like to enjoy both a beautiful egg basket from the time they bring their chickens home and the docile temperament that comes from the constant attention, handling, and love that all the chickens at Wild Child Farms receive.

We would love to work with you to build an ideal flock for your family. Packages start at $250.00. Click below to request more information.

What others are saying about our Instant Flock Experience

In October of 2019, we welcomed a beautiful flock from our dear friends at Wild Child Farms, and we have been extremely blessed in return! At first we were hesitant on letting a rooster on the homestead with small children, but his temperament has been amazing and so gentle. Between watching him look after his six ladies and hearing his joyous crow every morning, we are so thankful for him. Our beautiful and healthy hens are sharing their delicious eggs that my kids look forward to every morning, and we even incubated a batch and had a very successful hatch rate, so we have a precious new little generation to start off the New Year with! Thank you Kellye and Wild Child Farms for this experience! My family and I are forever grateful!

Keli Cress and family