Our First Week Was A Total Bust….Or Was It?

I feel like us homeschool moms all share the same brain. I feel like I know what you were doing all summer because it is what I was doing all summer. THINKING ABOUT AND PLANNING FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR! And then all of the sudden we look up and Labor Day has come and gone, and it is time to put all of our grand plans into action. And this year, y’all, I had grand plans. My daughter is a Junior this year, and it will be just she and I at home. As the baby of the family, she reaped the benefits of being able to get most of her credits early just by tagging along with what her sister was doing. And this year, that hard work gives us the freedom to release our inner wild child a little bit and venture off the beaten path of typical high school course work. I couldn’t be more excited. I created a course just for her that I have entitled “Personal Development. Which, I might add, I think all high schoolers should take before leaving the nest. This course combines some of my favorite teachers, some of the most influential people I have found online, and a life coaching program that her and I will do together with Dr. Edie Wadsworth called “Life Mentoring School.” This is the big guns y’all. To me this is what homeschooling is all about. It is educating the whole person through and through, and I have been itching to start. She will also finish up Spanish, do a high school science overview, and some Shakespeare, along with a few other courses I found for her.

We started Tuesday with a back to school breakfast, had our pencils sharpened, and the fresh notebooks all laid out, and BAM!! Out of nowhere she got sick! And all of my big plans went out the window!! My old homeschool mom self (that rears her ugly head from time to time) wanted to just crawl into the fetal position and cry because nothing….NOT ONE THING….this week went as planned. But, as my twenty plus years of teaching has taught me, even when things seem to be a bust, they really aren’t. Because, listen to me momma, it isn’t about your grand plans anyway! There is a purpose in this whole homeschooling gig that is so much greater than any curriculum, text book, or your best plans could ever be. Algebra is always going to be harder than you thought and take longer than you planned. The internet will go out, the dog will roll around in something three houses down, and of course you will run out of milk. When you plan on those things happening, and leave room in the margins for error, even when weeks are a bust, the machine continues on. And more importantly, your heart never misses a beat! I have learned this the hard way, but if there is one thing I want to shout from the roof tops on this first Friday of our new school year, it is this. We don’t control the feast, we just provide our basket of fish. Every day, week in and week out, we bring our loaves and fishes to the homeschool table. We love our kids big, and we plan as best as we can. But at the end of the day, we have to trust the One who Created them to make those loaves and fishes enough. All we can do is bring our basket and know that their future is in His hands. So when the first week seems like it was a bust, and instead of ending the week at the local coffee shop, you end it on the sofa watching Hallmark movies slathered up in essential oils, it is ok! That was always how this week was supposed to go! Monday is a new day! And we will start again! Ready for whatever the week may bring. Until then, I am going to snuggle up with that girl and savor every second because her sister was at college orientation all day long. The days are long but the years are short momma. Ask me how I know!

We have the greatest job in the whole world, and the time is ticking. We don’t have time to sweat the small stuff or try to white knuckle every minute of our kids’ lives. Trust me, I tried that…it doesn’t work!!! Instead, loosen up and do a little wild child homeschooling. Break a few rules. Work outside the box. Trust the Lord to guide you, follow your convictions. The view is so much better!!

If you need a little reminder, and some practical tips to get up and out of God’s way this school year, join the FREE workshop online that I am offering called “3 Ways To Make This The Best Year Yet.” These 3 things that you can do in your homeschool right now will guarantee you a better year, I promise!! And they may not be what you think they are! This 3 part video series will only take you a few minutes to watch each day, and will shed some light on some ways you may be sabotaging your homeschool and not even knowing it. No new curriculum required, nothing to buy, just a fresh perspective on how homeschooling like a wild child, and breaking a few rules, will enable you to enjoy the days so much more! Join now by clicking the picture below!! I hope to see you there!

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